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Announcing Flow Basketball Academy Summer Programming

 Premier Immersion Camp (PIC) for more experienced players grades 8-12, June 18-22, 1-3:30pm, limited to only 12 athletes.

The Immersion Camp is designed to go deep on a different aspect of the game each day in addition to intense, advanced skill development.  The daily schedule is:

·         One (1) hour of skill work

·         One (1) hour of a daily immersion such as pick & roll offense/defense or transition/fastbreak

·         Thirty (30) minutes of play

 Fundamentals Camp for athletes grades 4 through 9 will have two sessions:

July 23–27, 10am -12:30pm 

July 30–August 3, 10am-12:30pm

The Fundamentals Camp offers intensive instruction in key aspects of the game such as: ball handling, footwork, shooting, defensive positioning plus deep understanding of the game, all through fun competitive drills, individual and group challenges and playmaking.

Flow offers three types of Training Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings starting June 5 through August 3.  Each class is one hour.

Progressive Skill Building

Emphasizes both developing the right fundamentals and the ability to create different moves, including footwork, multiple moves, shooting off the dribble, and craftiness in finishes.

Shooters Training

Designed for both beginner and advanced students working through the various aspects of becoming a good shooter: fundamentals for younger players, and footwork, creating your own shot, game-intense shots and repetition for advanced players.

Playmakers Training

Teaches players how to create the plays in the 3-on-3 setting emphasizing both on the offensive (movement with the ball and without the ball) and defensive (individual and help defense) ends.

Flow focuses on building individual skills, basketball IQ, mental preparation and team connectedness.  Korie Hlede, former WNBA athlete and 11 year pro leads all basketball development.

 Flow summer programming occurs at the Latin Upper School Gyms, 59 W. North Ave. Chicago.

To learn more about Flow’s approach and programming please go to

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